Cultural Association of Chalki

Chalki is one of the villages in the plain of Thessaly in the southeast of the city of Larissa at an altitude of 81m. Its population is 1,862 inhabitants with agriculture being the main occupation of the area.The Cultural Association of Chalki was founded in 1984 and throughout its course, it promotes our tradition and its main concern is to preserve its local cultural heritage.

Ever since its foundation, the Cultural Association of Chalki has displayed rich social work and its objective has not only been to raise the cultural awareness and level of our village but also to develop the feeling of team spirit and voluntary work as well as to conduct researches on issues of cultural interest.The dance group of the Association has also participated in traditional festivals both in Greece and abroad and has received excellent reviews for its performances. Besides the traditional dance classes operating in the Association, there is also a music class and a choir. 

The events organized every year by our Association are the “Olympionikia”held every summer, the traditional ensemble meeting as well as the international dance festival “Cultural Meeting in Larissa” taking place at the end of August and it is a partnership of the Cultural Associations of Chalki, Glafki, Skourio, Pyrgetos, Averof “Thettalos” and Filippoupoli with invited countries from all over the world. Finally, after many years of research, the Cultural Association of Chalki has published a book titled “Sagias of Chalki” describing the local traditional costume.