The programme followed by all the participant dancing groups includes a guided tour of the city of Larissa, visits of the City Hall, The Region of Thessaly, the offices of the Journalistic Organization “Eleftheria” and the Ethnographical Historical Museum of Larissa. The participant groups also get to visit the beaches in the coastline of the prefecture of Larissa and of course participate in parades and performances in Larissa, Pyrgetos, Sikourio and Chalki.

More specifically, the arrival of the dance groups in our city takes place on last Sunday or Monday of August. On Monday morning, the groups visit the historical places of the city of Larissa, such as the Ancient Theatre, the Bezesten, the Mill of Pappas, Saint Achilles (the patron saint of the city), the Yeni Mosque but also the Municipal Conservatory of Larissa, the Ethnographical Historical Museum and the city centre

On Monday evening, all dance groups participate in a parade starting from Kouma Street and ending at the Central Square of Larissa where the Opening Ceremony takes place. Soon after that, there is a party being held at a bar-club of the city so that the members of the dance groups get to know each other.

For the rest of the week, the dance groups visit the districts and villages of the host Associations where they present the traditional dances, songs and customs of their home country and each performance ends with a traditional feast with the participation of all the bands and dancers.

In their free time, the groups visit the beaches of the Prefecture of Larissa, while optional excursions to tourist destinations, such as Meteora, are also included in the program.

The “Cultural Meeting in Larissa” Folk Festival ends late August. All delegations as well as the dance groups of the host Associations meet for the last time on stage, conveying the message that dance brings people and cultures together.