The “Maya” Dance Group from Mexico

The “Maya” Dance Group is a Mexican folkloric dance group, created in December 2012, with the aim of promoting the cultural diversity of the country of Mexico through dance and music. Due to the technique of the dance, the stage presentation, the quality costumes and the large repertoire of the folklore of their country, the “Maya” dance group has stood out for its excellent stage performance, through which the spectator has the opportunity to experience part of the Mexican history and culture.


“Aborigen” Dance Group fromo Uruguay

“Aborigen” was born in 2017 with the aim of keeping its folkloric roots alive fused with contemporary sentiment, transmitting the value of Uruguayan culture through its folkloric dances, popular and traditional music, the products of its land and the customs that identify their country. They transform experiences into movements and sounds, movements and sounds that tell stories of yesterday with the imprint of the present. The group has been actively dedicated and committed to the preservation and promotion of their culture, participating in endless National stages and International tours through Spain, Portugal (2019), Bulgaria (2021), Italy and Slovenia (2022). The show called “TANNAT” pays homage to the fruits and values of their land, reflecting through music and dance the process of making wine from the grape harvest to finishing in the glass. The show called “REMINISCENCIAS” is an invitation to remember through traditional games, in stories made of song and movement.