Cultural Association of Sykourio

The Cultural Association of Sikourio is located in the village of Sykourio and was founded in 1975. The main purpose of the Association is the preservation and promotion of customs and traditions and the contribution to the culture and entertainment of the inhabitants of the wider region of ​​Sikourio.The Association is engaged in a wide range of events – such as lectures, excursions, music and dance performances, concerts, art exhibitions, etc.

Today, the main activities of the Association focus on the traditional dance classes of all ages, the blood donation service, the lending library,various group activities such as painting and gymnastics and the local newspaper publication every 4 months which is distributed not only in areas of Greece but also in the USA, Canada, Germany and Australia. Finally, our Association organizes carnival festivities and participates in the cultural events of the region as well as in international festivals in Greece and abroad, for example in Romania, Italy etc.